Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peacock Ad Manager?

Peacock Ad Manager is NBCUniversal’s new self-service, end-to-end buying solution that gives small to medium-sized businesses access to NBCU’s premium streaming portfolio. Currently in Beta and fully launching later this year, our easy-to-use platform combines the precision and measurability of digital with the engagement of TV to help you expand your business beyond search and social at a budget that works for you.​

How do I launch a campaign on Peacock Ad Manager?

It only takes four simple steps to launch your campaign on Peacock Ad Manager. Visit our How it Works page for all the details.

What inventory is included in Peacock Ad Manager campaigns?
Peacock Ad Manager’s inventory pool comprises NBCU’s owned-and-operated streaming inventory across our iconic brands and across devices.

No matter what type of content your preferred audience loves, we’ve got them—and you—covered, with Bravo, CNBC, E!, MSNBC, NBC, NBC News, NBC Sports, Oxygen, SYFY, Telemundo, Universo, USA, and of course, Peacock.
What reporting is available in Peacock Ad Manager?

Standard delivery reporting and outcome-based attribution are built into every Peacock Ad Manager campaign, with your preferred KPIs measured via pixel or through a combination of a pixel and integration with a mobile measurement partner (MMP). The results are then provided through a Campaign Performance Report and Incrementality Report which you can view in the platform’s campaign dashboard.

Do I need to have an existing DSP relationship to access Peacock Ad Manager?

No—in fact, that’s the beauty of it. Peacock Ad Manager will unlock self-service access to premium streaming content, advanced targeting, and full-funnel measurement for advertisers who don’t already have existing DSP relationships.

What types of audiences can I target with Peacock Ad Manager?

With the help of our geotargeting capabilities, you can target audiences by state, city, zip code, and DMA (US only). You can also reach your potential customers by targeting demographics (i.e., gender, age, household income), consumer behaviors and interests (e.g., tech enthusiasts, parents, frequent travelers), and specific content genres across NBCU’s premium content. You can even BYOD (bring your own data)!